The 100 day art challengeSince starting my new position as a digital designer, my artistic skills has taken a backseat. UGH! Art is why I got into graphic design to begin with, so having a creative block is not OK.
Since Spring I’ve wanted to give myself a creative reboot, by making an effort to do things outside my comfortable nesting place. Most of us have fantasies about shutting down our technology and taking a long trip to Italy to try something different……Well, maybe that’s my fantasy. Though I may not be able to jet off to Italy just yet, I can turn technology off for a few hours and visit places in the cities around me.

This year was the first time I had ever gone to Denver Comic Con. I surprise my twin brother, who has been at almost all of my art events in Colorado, with an early birthday present by taking him to their Sunday event. Needless to say, he was a happy camper.
It was a fun day for the both of us. I had the opportunity to speak with other artist in the “artist alley”, sit in on a few copic classes, and snap photos of some pretty amazing cosplay costumes. One day was not enough to see everything but a great way to start my creative reboot process.

My friend Cherish Flieder of Something To Cherish, challenged me to a 100 day art challenge. The idea is to do one sketch a day for one hundred days…..Yes, for 100 hundred days. I decided to take on that challenge and start July 24, 2016. When you get a change check her website and her husband Benjamin Hummel – both great illustrators.

What does this mean for you and why did you get this email?
1. It is independence day and you have the right to enjoy the life you have been given. For me art is a big part of it and this is a great way to share with everyone what brings me enjoyment and happiness. The question from the email is “What are you doing with your independence” Are you burying it or are you living it? I hope you have courage to live and celebrate your INDEPENDENCE or LIBERTY.

2. You are welcome to join in. Whatever that may be. For some it maybe traveling the world, others it may be visiting parks and lakes (I hear Lake Dillon is beautiful this time of year – it is! I worked at Keystone for a summer), taking a cooking class, a dance class or teaching a class or two, all happen to be on my to do list. Whatever it is, JUST DO IT (yep, borrowed it from nike).

Below is a small list of challenges I have decided to take on…………we’ll see how it goes.

30 Day Coloring Challenge1. 30 Day Coloring Challenge  – #thedailymarker30day
I am a fan of Adult Coloring Books – I have a growing collection of books.
If you’re looking for coloring pages, click here to get your copy of Holiday Coloring book from the artists of
July 5, 2016
The Goal: Color 10-15 minutes a day.

Artsnack and Inktober

2. 100 Day Art Challenge: #100DayArtChallenge
OH MY…….
July 24, 2016
The Goal:
one sketch a day for 100 days

3. Crayola Challenge: #CrayolaChallenge
I have a ridiculous amount of crayola products that need to get used up!

Starting: Started
The Goal: Use any crayola products and post it bi-weekly

What I like about these challenges is that I can combine them.
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paint brush line

Art Outings:

  • The Paint Cellar – painting classes -TBD
  • The Botanical Gardens with Art On Everything (Botanical Gardens) – July 9 – Denver, CO
  • The Downtown Aquarium – TBD
  • Denver Art Museum – TBD
  • Random Coffee Shops

I’ll be at

paint brush line


The Mask Project: September 12 – October 9
Bid on my mask or other masks for a great cause.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of my friends who have agreed to spend time with me during this 100 day art project and teach me knew things, I’m looking forward to the fellowship.

AND! whoever may read this, I challenge you to take a 100 day adventure for yourself.

As always, thank you for the continued encouragement and support.
~ Noami

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