Throwback Thursday Correction Pen Final Mock Up

Throwback Thursday Creating Specs for Bic Correction Pen. Before computer software, designs were pantone paper, cut & paste mock ups; then shot using a camera. Class Project: Create 6 sample spec layouts. (2002) Assignment: Create sample magazine layouts for a product. I chose Bic Correction Pen Software: No software. Hand drawn. Cut & Paste.

Tall Aspen Magazine Ad makeover 1

Monday Makeover: Magazine page layout Design Wish: update for 2014/2015 Client: Myself Challenge: Re-design magazine layout that is relevant for today. This month’s makeover is my own. A few weeks ago I posted a #TBT class design project from 2005 to Facebook & Twitter. I wanted to challenge myself and update the magazine layout for 2014. The original assignment was to develop a 2 page, side by side, layout. This challenge I came with 2 design prospects that a very… Read more »