( Inspired by the song “True Colors” this collection crosses all cultures. )

Though the collection is made up of African-American, Biracial children, the images I chose to use cross all ethnic background. When you look at the collection you immediately think of a child who has done that or who has made that expression.

The True Colors Collection has been successful because ethnicity is not what you see first, it is the expression or action of the child that we ALL can relate too. I hope the collection continues to touch live, bring joy, love, hope and inspiration. When I see individuals light up after viewing the collection, Get hope restored, and is willing to LIVE again, I know I have done my part.

A few years ago Noami started a blog, The True Colors Adventure, to journal her adventures, experiences and creative ideas to stay in touch with family and friends she has meet across the United States. You can view the entire collection on onejdesigns Flickr.


(re)creating The True Colors Collection in chalk, on the pavement.

View video montage from chalk festivals.

True Colors Collection Gift Guide

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