Photoshop is used to fix problems, to enhance and retouch. Today’s Photoshop Tip is about blending edges and patching colors for a better photo

Before image of the Lotions Logo t-shirt

Before photo retouching

Photoshop Blur Tool for T-shirt fix

Blur Tool

Step 1: I used the blur tool to smooth the rough edges around the Lotion logo.

Photoshop Clone Tool 2 for T-shirt fix

Clone Stamp Tool

Photoshop Clone Tool 3 for T-Shirt fix

Clone Tool

Step 2: I used the clone stamp tool to copy a small are of what a I need to clone and then fill in the blank space and cracked area. The clone tool you change the size and hardness to get the desired effect.

Photoshop Healing Tool 2 for T-shirt fix

Healing Tool

Step 3: The final tool I used, was the healing tool brush. This brush will sample what’s around the area and fill in those unsightly edges that you want to cover up.

Lotion logo t-shirt design by Noami Foster

After Photoshop corrections

And those are the 3 Photoshop tools I used to correct this t-shirt.

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