Monday Makeover: True Colors Collection brand
separate onejdesigns brand from The True Colors Collection brand.
Client: myself – onejdesigns
Challenge: Create two separate brand identities. ( PART 1 )

Several years ago when I started out as a freelance designer, I also jump into the art community in Denver, CO. Because I wasn’t quit sure which direction I should go, art or design, I did them both. Surprisingly, things took off in both. I began to establish myself as an artist with The True Colors Collection and a resource for design work and consultation. Here’s the problem; The True Colors Collection began to grow into a brand that needed to be separate from onejdesigns AND onejdesigns had maintain its current brand identity.

The True Colors Collection Poster

At first glance, nothing appears to be wrong with this imagery. Well, let’s take a look at my business card for onejdesigns.

onejdesigns business card

See how things can blur. The fashion icon is what was blurring the lines. Because The True Colors Collection is a brand of it’s own, it was time to separate the messaging. To make the subtle changes, I took images and fonts from onejdesigns and created a brand identity just for The True Colors Collection.

My first decision was to make the name “The True Colors Collection” the logo. That way I’d have a lot more room to play with the logo to fit web, social media and print creatives. But the primary logo, you see here, is what I use on most creatives.

True Colors Collection primary logo


The font I used is Trajan and the embellishment are called ornaments. I am happy with the final designs, it is now a lot more versatile. You can visit the True Colors Collection online journal to see how the type can be distributed for different sizes. I try to change out the banner each season.

True Colors Collection onejdesigns labels

So what did I do with onejdesigns branding? Here’s a sneak peek. Come back next month for Create two separate brand identities. ( PART 2 )

onejdesigns postcard

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