Monday Makeover: Movie Flyer
Holiday Play Flyer.
Client: Write Between The Eyes.
Challenge: Redesign a flyer that would print in 12 hours.

I was contacted by a local theatre company that needed a sudden flyer change. By background in media has taught me to think quickly and expect sudden changes, that’s how I treated this particular challenge.

Play flyer with pictures of families

When I saw the original flyer (Above) it seemed chaotic and not uniformed.
The main copy did not make sense, in fact, there was too much copy.
All around a disconnected flyer.

Some of the obstacles I ran into, the client wanted to keep a green & red color them and use some of the same imagery. The solution was to provide the client with multiple samples.

3 flyer samples for a play
I created a flyer (1) with everything they asked for, another (2) with part of the information and imagery and the 3rd flyer that focused on the theme of the play. You don’t have be literal with holiday flyers, though our client originally wanted to keep the Christmas colors in their flyer, it did not translate well with the overall message.

Final flyer with images of people, family, kids

This is the final flyer. A BIG difference from the original.
What was done?We took out a lot of the copy and kept important information. Changed the color that would provide a little more emotion and we highlighted the title of the play for a clear statement. This flyer was used as their poster and pdf email attachment. A quick solution for a very fast turnaround time.

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