I am an artist poster

This weeks graphic design tip is about lessons learned along the way.

A lesson I had learn and I learned the hard way – stop doing design work for free.
I learned to value my skill set and worth as a graphic artist. I’ve invested in my education and building my skill set and there is no reason to through it away. Guess what? I have to live and eat too.
I made the mistake of helping established companies, organizations, small business, ministries and churches with their dream and at the end of the day – I JUST GOT USED! (YES! LESSON LEARNED)

Now, if ever I decide to do pro-bono work I treat it like any client I have, with an agreement/contract in writing with some kind of compensation. Be an exchange in services or a barter.

Here’s a video from Stephen Looney, who pretty much explains the real deal.
“Graphic Design TIp #2 – Stop Doing Work For Free”

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