Monday Makeover: Logo/Brand design
Re-Design: Update the logo with a sophisticated look.
Client: The Speakout
Challenge: Attempt to change the identity of the brand.

As a freelance graphic designer, you encounter clients who for whatever reason, will not follow through with the designs you come up with, it just happens. Today’s Monday Makeover is about re-designing a logo that would re-brand the events company.

Original The Speakout Logo
original The Speakout logo

The client wanted to refresh their logo to be more sophisticated. The company was wanting to re-brand how their company does events, which would include who is drawn to their events.

Below are samples for The Speakout logo. The colors were chosen by the client.

The client asked the imagery would include a pen. We kept block style font but through out all the other elements. All 3 would work for their messaging. (Note: always provide your client with several designs, you can add and subtract with following drafts.)

The Speakout logo samples designed by Noami Foster for onejdesigns

Black and red The Speakout logo samples.

Below is the logo the client choose. But it only went as far as the final invoice for pay.
Yes, It’s frustrating to deal with no pays, but I’ve learned that no design is a waste.
Use did come from this.Updated The Speakout Logo

I changed the color palette, drop the word the and use the logo design for office accessories. I never waste a design, it will get used some place else.

Speakout logo branded designed by Noami Foster for onejdesigns

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