It’s time for my design Picks-Of-The-Week.

Let’s start of with the blog and website picks.
1. Web Design Pick, I found while looking for craft hauls, is:

Share Your Happy from Dollar Tree

What a creative idea! At “I Leave Happy” you’ll find challenges and a social community of Dollar Tree shoppers sharing their hauls and DIY/Craft projects. Great Idea!

2. Blog Pick, referred to me by a colleague, is:

SpoonFlower blog

Spoonflower offers weekly design challenges to enter and showcases great ideas using their very own products.

3. Illustration Pick, I found on Pinterest for typography idea, is

A4 Bespoke Original Typographical Art

Hand lettering becoming popular again, being in the print industry, I can appreciate the time and skill of hand lettering. These are a beautiful pieces.

4. Graphic Design Pick, I also found on pinterest looking for wedding invite ideas, is:


I like how a graphic design element is turned into a DIY project to make the invitation unique and personal. It is simple and clean.Gorgeous!

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