Throwback Thursday Correction Pen Final Mock Up

Throwback Thursday Creating Specs for Bic Correction Pen. Before computer software, designs were pantone paper, cut & paste mock ups; then shot using a camera. Class Project: Create 6 sample spec layouts. (2002) Assignment: Create sample magazine layouts for a product. I chose Bic Correction Pen Software: No software. Hand drawn. Cut & Paste.

Love Lesson 4 Blog

Fear is used to punish and intimidate. Love does not. There is no fear in Love. [ Desktop Wallpaper ]   |   [ Tablet Wallpaper ]   |   [ Mobile Wallpaper ]

Design Inspiration March 2015 Spring Wedding

1. Bride & Groom Bucket List from 2. Inspired Italian Wedding from 3. Cotton candy wedding from 4. LOVE wedding favors from 5. DIY Gift Set from 6. Save the date key 7. Late night snack favors from

Before image of the Lotions Logo t-shirt

Photoshop is used to fix problems, to enhance and retouch. Today’s Photoshop Tip is about blending edges and patching colors for a better photo Step 1: I used the blur tool to smooth the rough edges around the Lotion logo. Step 2: I used the clone stamp tool to copy a small are of what a I need to clone and then fill in the blank space and cracked area. The clone tool you change the size and hardness to… Read more »

Black Western Museum Fundraiser Print Material Mock-Up 2004

Throwback Thursday Designing for an annual fundraising campaign Class Project: Create a Marketing Campaign (2004) Assignment: Create a postcard, membership brochure, donor hand-out brochure. Software: Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.  

onejdesigns design inspiration February 2015

This months design inspiration I found on Pinterest. I adore the images and the designs of these beautiful prints. The African print looks are just stunning for fashion, decor and editorial layout. See more beautiful African patterns on our pinterst board. Create your own color palette with Adobe Kuler.

Adams 12 star STEM brochure opened inside

As a graphic designer being asked to develop print or digital design material for a potential job, contract or freelance gig is part of the norm. This particular assignment I enjoyed doing. I had to research STEM, learn what other schools had done, then develop a full color brochure that could be used at different schools in the same district. I decided to go with a gated fold. The color palette, logo, copy and images can be switched out for… Read more »