Design Inspiration May 2015 Succulents

Inspiration can be found anywhere, this month my inspiration are succulents. Succulents come in different sizes, color and textures. Now that we are in gardening season, I’ve wanted to create a small garden that did not need a lot of water. The most popular succulent most people know about is the Aloe and Cactus plant. View The Succulent Source Facebook page. View The Ultimate Guide To Succulents on

Happy Mother's Day

Mom, today is your day. You selflessly care for each of us in ways that only a mother could. You Mom are worthy of celebrating. For all the times that I have called and you answered…thank you! For all the times you gave encouraging…thank you! For all the times you came to every event…thank you! For all the ways you have shown me what a woman of God looks like…thank you! Today serves as a reminder for all the amazing… Read more »

Design Inspiration April 2015 7 different type ideas

1. Motion Theatre by Caroline Grohs. 2. Typography logo design inspiration from Smash Blog Trends. 3. Silhouettes by Pommel Lane. 4. Alphabet letters page layout on Polyvore. 5. Experimental typography on Creative Bloq. 6. Salt and Light on Digital Arts blog.

Creative Talent Advertisement

“What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel” – Spanish Proverb I have been a graphic designer for almost 20 years, working on staff for corporations and non-profit organizations, as well as running my own small design business. My abilities and experience cover a wide range; As Stephen Covey famously said, “Start with the end in mind”, I have all the necessary skills to see a project from idea to concept to final design. I can also trouble-shoot computer software… Read more »

Throwback Thursday Correction Pen Final Mock Up

Throwback Thursday Creating Specs for Bic Correction Pen. Before computer software, designs were pantone paper, cut & paste mock ups; then shot using a camera. Class Project: Create 6 sample spec layouts. (2002) Assignment: Create sample magazine layouts for a product. I chose Bic Correction Pen Software: No software. Hand drawn. Cut & Paste.

Love Lesson 4 Blog

Fear is used to punish and intimidate. Love does not. There is no fear in Love. [ Desktop Wallpaper ]   |   [ Tablet Wallpaper ]   |   [ Mobile Wallpaper ]