DayXention color palette, logo, images and fonts designed by Noami Foster

Monday Makeover: A logo that gets misunderstood. (re)design a logo Client: DayXtension Challenge: Keep the name and color palette Your logo should identify your business, what products your sell or services you offer. I had a client come to me wanting a new look for her business. She wanted to keep her name and color palette. The challenge with the logo (re)design was coming up with a concept that would explain the business. At first glance I thought this was… Read more »

Fall Into Autumn craft, food, fashion, home decor, outings with leaves on railroad tracks

Fall Into Autumn 2014 Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. Fall is for baking, warm sweaters and fuzzy socks, relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. Fall is just a laid back season. You can follow me, Just Noami, for some fun Fall activities and FALL INTO AUTUMN with family & friends.

photos tea, computer, books, beach and art

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens – Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens – Brown paper packages tied up with strings – These are a few of my favorite things” ~ My Favorite Things Lyrics Outside of design, I enjoy a nice cup of tea and a good book, beaches, sketching in different mediums, cooking for friends and family, blogging, trying different craft/decor ideas, and the lovely scents of candles. Be sure to connect with me on different social media. “Having… Read more »

Coffee cup and card for Save The Date wedding

This weeks graphic design tip: Fall Weddings Engagements, Weddings, Showers and Baby Announcements have become very social, more people want to share the special moments with friends, family and acquaintances.  Whatever the occasion, we all want to send something out that is as memorable as the engagement and wedding. I enjoy finding creative ways couples have shared their “Save The Date” announcements. This year I found several wonderful, beautiful and unique ideas on Pinterest. Here 5 of my favorites and… Read more »

I am an artist poster

This weeks graphic design tip is about lessons learned along the way. A lesson I had learn and I learned the hard way – stop doing design work for free. I learned to value my skill set and worth as a graphic artist. I’ve invested in my education and building my skill set and there is no reason to through it away. Guess what? I have to live and eat too. I made the mistake of helping established companies, organizations,… Read more »

bridal shower thank you card with watercolor flowers

Monday Makeover: Design Miscommunicated. Re-Design a Bridal Shower invitation. Client: Name changed for privacy, we will call our client Alyssa James. Challenge: 24 hrs. to come up a Bridal Shower invite, E-blast and Thank You card. As a designer, it is important to LISTEN to what the client is asking for. Don’t assume anything, ask for clarity if you have to. So I got a call from a friend of mine, if I could help a friend of hers, who… Read more »

onejdesigns 2013 calendar

Plan To Create As a graphic designer/artist I keep myself busy. Between paid projects, I give myself challenges and projects to complete. Every month you can plan to do something extra. For me it’s Monday Makeover, craft project, cooking or drawing. Whatever you choose it will help build up your skills and expertise. Towards the end of each year I create a calendar. The 12 month calendar helps me to stay organized with events, deadlines and important dates that are… Read more »