Speakout logo branded

Monday Makeover: Logo/Brand design Re-Design: Update the logo with a sophisticated look. Client: The Speakout Challenge: Attempt to change the identity of the brand. As a freelance graphic designer, you encounter clients who for whatever reason, will not follow through with the designs you come up with, it just happens. Today’s Monday Makeover is about re-designing a logo that would re-brand the events company. original The Speakout logo The client wanted to refresh their logo to be more sophisticated. The… Read more »

A4 Bespoke Original Typographical Art

It’s time for my design Picks-Of-The-Week. Let’s start of with the blog and website picks. 1. Web Design Pick, I found while looking for craft hauls, is: www.ileavehappy.com. What a creative idea! At “I Leave Happy” you’ll find challenges and a social community of Dollar Tree shoppers sharing their hauls and DIY/Craft projects. Great Idea! 2. Blog Pick, referred to me by a colleague, is: http://blog.spoonflower.com/ Spoonflower offers weekly design challenges to enter and showcases great ideas using their very… Read more »

Throwback Thursday Package Design

It’s Throwback Thursday! This was one of my favorite class projects from 2006 Assignment: Come up with a Brand Name, Logo & Package Design. Software: Adobe Illustrator for the packaging layout (template), logo and labels.

Package Design for Too Faced Lip Primer and Bare Minerals Eye Primer

Repost from August 14, 2012 I was out and about today, and I wanted to share with you my ULTA Haul. It has been a while since I’d been in ULTA. I wanted share these package designs with you. These package design has 2 elements 1. The package that holds the product 2. The box design that holds the package bareMinerals (eyelid primer) has a simple, clean look while Too Faced (lip primer) has a very feminine embellished look. Both… Read more »

Monday Makeover Logo

Today’s Monday Makeover is about videos and using YouTube or Vimeo as way to promote your product or service. The number of people you can reach is a huge. Which is better,  spending 2-3 minutes watching a video or spending 15 minutes reading text, plus you can put your video almost anywhere on the web to gain more traffic to your site. It is on my to do list for The True Colors Collection and for onejdesigns. Below are five… Read more »

Jazz Sunday Email Ad

Monday Makeover: Jazz Sunday Re-Design Never had a design to begin with, but had a performance already. Client: Shadow Theatre Company. Challenge: Come up with a print & digital campaign for Jazz Sundays. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a local theatre company in Colorado. The owner was in need of creatives to promote their new “Jazz Sunday” to begin in February. The only online presence the company had was a very small website and… Read more »

Final flyer with images of people, family, kids

Monday Makeover: Movie Flyer Re-Design: Holiday Play Flyer. Client: Write Between The Eyes. Challenge: Redesign a flyer that would print in 12 hours. I was contacted by a local theatre company that needed a sudden flyer change. By background in media has taught me to think quickly and expect sudden changes, that’s how I treated this particular challenge. When I saw the original flyer (Above) it seemed chaotic and not uniformed. The main copy did not make sense, in fact,… Read more »

3 Design Magazines

Read & Have Resources. It’s the beginning of the month, which means new magazines are out. One of my favorite things to do is purchase design magazines & books to add to my resource library. I still have a few books from college. A few of my regular design magazine purchases are Communication Art, Computer Arts, HOW and Artful blogging magazine – always such wonderful reads flowing with wonderful design and art ideas. Most of my design books are published… Read more »

Graphic Design Tips

I love seeing the logo design process from other designers. Learning new ideas and techniques only builds your skill set. With the internet readily available, there are many resources at your disposal for continued eduction. Resources: Lynda.com Treehouse.com YouTube Pinterest LogoDesignLove

Prestige revised logo

This addition of Monday Makeover, I pulled from the school archives. One of my favorite projects in school was to revise an existing logo and freshen it up a bit. The assignment was to implement subtle changes to refresh the look, still maintaining customer recognition. Potential Client: Prestige Landscapes.