Designing a logo is a big responsibility, the  a whole lot of meaning and represent the image of the company. Logos are usually the most recognizable symbol for a company or organization and should effectively community the product or services.

Here’s A Quick Look at my design process.

STEP 1 – BRAIN DUMP: first thing I do when designing a logo is tryout different names, if the client does not have one. If they do have a name already, I will write down 30 – 40 words that come to mind or can be related to the logo. American Furniture Warehouse brainstorming ideas for Commercial ConceptsSTEP 2 – Time To Sketch : I never jump on the computer when designing a logo. I first sketch several ideas of a logo and present it to the client as a rough draft.Pencil sketches of American Furniture Warehouse Commercial Concepts logo designSTEP 3 – Design Several Comps : Here I design several logo samples for the client. I try to make each logo different from the other. This is the first draft. From here the client can pick the one the like the most or pick element from each of the logos presented.

American Furniture Warehouses Commercial Concepts 5 logo ideasThat’s a Quick Look at my logo design process.
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